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Brisbane SEO Citations Gold Package

We've just launched a range of CITATIONS PACKAGES specifically created for Brisbane Businesses. These packages include options for the placement of rich media including videos, up to 90 citations (in our platinum package) and more.

You can read more about WHY these packages will help your business by clicking on the image on the left.  

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RowkleySEO of Brisbane has been providing online business services in Brisbane since 2014. We are a small business delivering honest and professional business services . We have decades of business experience, all of which is now focused in the online market.  We know what it takes to succeed and we can help you with a wide and deep range of professional services including website design, getting your site ranked (SEO), business planning, Website Design  and Graphic design. 

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You'll be hard-pressed to find the same width and depth  that we can provide! We've worked across technology companies, fashion and design shops, novelty sales, pet products, service companies and more.

RowleySEO of Brisbane is committed to personal service, long-term partnerships, and the success of our customers - if you don't succeed, we fail. Quite honestly, we're not going to let that happen, so we'd love to hear from you.

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

“The Pastel Society of Australia is very pleased with its new website developed by Rowley SEO and recommends the services of Rowley SEO to other organisations.”


The Pastel Society of Australia (PSA) recently commissioned Rowley SEO to develop a new website. This testimonial describes how the Society and Rowley SEO worked together to create this new facility.


The PSA is a ’not for profit’ Society with over 200 members and seeks to promote the art of painting with pastels. The Society arranges monthly meetings and demonstrations, one and two day workshops, annual exhibitions and competitions and social paint-out days. Since its inception in 1985, the Society has continued to grow with members across Australia and international links to similar organisations. A capable and flexible website is pivotal to the achievement of the Society’s aims.

The Need for a new Website

The Society realised that its website had become outdated, it was cumbersome to manage, and it failed to provide management information to assist with the smooth running of the Society. The existing website did not incorporate the facilities perceived as necessary for the further growth of the Society. After discussing the Society’s website requirements with a number of providers, Rowley SEO was selected to develop the new website. Key factors in this selection process were Keith Rowley’s personal approachability, price and the allowance of sufficient time during the development process to identify the Society’s requirements in a progression of workshops.

The Development Process

The Society’s website sub-committee did not have the knowledge to identify exact requirements to the technical questions raised by Keith during the development process. The committee was able to successfully workshop these issues with Keith and to work through the merits of alternatives in order to reach agreement.

By holding meetings in Keith’s office, the sub-committee was able to view the appearance of the emerging web pages and to understand how the linkages between pages would work and to direct changes when required.

The PSA sub-committee is very happy with the new website as it satisfies all currently perceived needs. Our management team finds the back-of-house facilities easy to use with improved efficiency in the day to day management of the Society’s business. We understand that the structure is flexible and will accommodate future changes and additions with minimal modification.

The Society and Rowley SEO worked comfortably within the limits of the written brief. If there had been a need to change the scope of the brief, then I am sure that the discussion would have been open, honest and respectful of the views of both parties.

Post Delivery Support

Rowley SEO included post delivery support time in its fee proposal and the Society is pleased to have Keith’s continuing support as we develop a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the new website.


The Pastel Society of Australia is very pleased with its new website developed by Rowley SEO and recommends the services of Rowley SEO to other organisations.

Geoff May
Vice President - Pastel Society of Australia

Shane Melaugh

“Compared to the other website designers we spoke to, it was Keith who really listened carefully to our requirements, needs and concerns.”

"When we recently "took the plunge" and started our own company, we decided that a website was an absolute top priority. ( After all, in this day and age a website is an essential tool for doing business ) We desired one that would be distinctive, clear, concise, and easy to navigate by our potential clients for what is actually quite a technical product and service. After speaking to several web designers out there we decided it was Keith at "RowleySEO" who offered exactly what we were looking for. Compared to the other website designers we spoke to, it was Keith who really listened carefully to our requirements, needs and concerns. The end result being that Keith at "RowleySEO" delivered us a website that more than delivered, and within the allotted time frame required . In short it was an absolute pleasure to work with "RowleySEO", and we can definitely recommend them to any business or individual who needs website development services."

Kazumi Barry and Paul Johnson 
Business Owners

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