August 1, 2015

Using Facebook To Generate Business

Social Media for Business

So you thought FaceBook was simply for communicating with friends? Originally, you would have been right, but as with all aspects of the web, once it started attracting millions of visitors each day, business saw the potential and moved in – but how? ANd how can this help your business?

Well, that’s all to do with interest groups, location and the tracking of what people like!

Generating Business

You might have mailing list already – and that’s good, because you can contact thousands of people who have already expressed an interest in your business. Another way to achieve this is to build a Facebook audience fast, and communicate your products and special offers to that audience with interesting articles. RowleySEO can do this for you at an affordable and indeed profitable price. And there are many, many other advantages to a presence on Facebook which we will explain here.

Tracking Desire

Most of us are aware that when we are online, companies like Google track our every move. That’s why when you browse web pages adverts appear that have been chosen especially for you. This generates a return for both the advertiser and the website owner. But how does Google know who you are and what your interests are? Simple (but complicated). You probably use Google to search for the things you like, directions to hotels, and so on. Google tracks this and builds profile on you.

Your presence is known on the web from your PC’s address (or phone or iPad or whatever), and so Google (and others) build up your profile. It’s technically then quite easy to advertise to you. Facebook simply knows which groups you are a member of, which FAcebook pages you visit and run. It may also gather information form the posts on your page(s). But how does this help your business?

You Can Leverage FaceBook’s Information

To start wiih, let me say that RowleySEO can help YOU to attract business using Facebook. We’ve done it for other customers and we’re ready to branch out for you. It’s all achieved through intelligent use of the Facebook advertising features, to attract large numbers of people first to your Facebook page, and then to your business website. The costs are very very affordable. We’ll set up everything for you, drive your campaigns and give you simple and useful reports.

What we’ll do is:

(1) Set up your Business Page on Facebook

(2) Modify (or build) your company website to match the FaceBook campaign

(3) Run a series of initial Customer Acquisition Advertising Campaigns to find the most profitable audience for you.

(4) Select the most profitable campaigns and grow them to generate a traffic explosion to your business site

(5) Rinse and repeat!

If you’s like to talk to us about this and other aspects of your online business and advertising, please contact us. We’re busy, so please don’t delay!