June 8, 2015

Local Business Packages

We have a lot of experience of promoting business locally no matter where you live in the world. Our prices are competitive and our packages are tailored to your business niche. Why not call or email us for a free consultation.

Marketing and sales connections

We provide a range of packages which are selected and tailored to meet the specific needs of your site, but always beginning with a site analysis. We have included the major categories below, but please rest assured that we are flexible and can tailor our services ans costs to meet your needs.

We always begin with a full analysis of your site from the viewpoint of BUSINESS. You can download a free sample report/analysis at the bottom of this page to see how we approach this critical matter.

Once the analysis has been done, we will advise you on exactly which services you need to attract visitors who are looking for products and service like yours. This is a complex matter and although we will gladly explain in as much detail as you could possible want, we will never bury you in geek-babble unless that is your wish. We speak plain business-English and understand what we are doing well enough to explain it in simple terms.

  • webSite Analysis
  • Local Business Jumpstarter
  • Climb and defend
Jump Start Your Online Presence

Are you a local business and finding that the phone's not ringing and you are not getting buyers through your site? Is your site even visible to searchers? This package will kick you off and start the ranking process - here's what you get:

  • ​A strong foundation of linking sites and web presence that focuses on your local search area and the keywords critical to your business.
  • Local Directory Submissions - around a hundred of them depending on your area and how it's covered. These links tell Google that your business is real and truly local.
  • One Press release with mass syndication. Press releases of the type we use require that we create a newsworthy announcement in conjunction with you, and obtain real boosting power for your online presence. 
  • Five High Authority sites with effective boosting to point to your site and thus start creating a web of related sites connected to your site and boosting its power in the rankings war. All of these sites will have unique content and their own powerful back-links.
  • Please note that completing this work takes us around 14 days on average and the effects will kick through in around six to eight weeks.
  • You can download sample reports for the items in this package here:

Website Analysis

The basis of Every Website Success

Per site 

Corrective recommendations Included

  • One on One 30 minute consultation (phone or Skype)
  • Site Structure Analysis inc meta tags, titles, keywords
  • Keyword Analysis for  your products and services
  • Speed Analysis
  • Mobile Friendly Analysis
  • Competitor
  • Mobile Friendly Analysis


One-Time Fee

Local Business Starter

Laying a Solid Fundation

Per site - recommended for new or immature sites

Fully comprehensive detailed report provided

  • Five High Authority link-back sites with unique content and massive link reinforcement
  • +/-100 Local Directory Submissions
  • Syndicated Press Release with hundreds of outlets
  • +-100 Local Directory Submissions


One-Time Fee

Climb and Defend

Climbing  Higher - Sustainably

Per site - recommended monthly

  • Five Web 2.0 Authority Properties pointing to your business
  • Five Social Bookmarks
  • ​12-20 Web 2.0 Blogs
  • 10,000 support backlinks​
  • ​100 Article Submissions
  • 100 Web 2.0 Blogs with 5,000 support backlinks
  • Login and Password for all Tier 1 properties built
  • Fully detailed reports


Per Month

No minimum months

All of these packages are made up from individual services we provide and use to promote sites. Once we have analysed your site, we will suggest a custom package for you if our standard packages don’t quite meet your online needs. Call us for a consultation – it’s free and we’d like to hear from you.